Crisis & Issues Management

A media crisis can spell disaster for a property developer: investors withdraw support, projects remain unfinished, buyers lose trust, approval bodies starting questioning everything. It is vital you get professional crisis and issues management support if you perceive a media crisis or are dealing with one right now.

We offer specialist expertise in crisis and media issues management, with consultants having effectively dealt with major events, international incidents including aviation tragedies and deaths, to goal riots, corporate industrial relations disputes and many other matters.

The ongoing success of your organisation and projects is highly dependent on the image or reputation it trades on in public or in the commercial environment.

Too often, negative events or adverse claims can have a severe and sometimes catastrophic impact if they are not managed quickly, effectively and professionally.

Knowing what to do in a crisis situation is vital to the longevity of your business. Whether it is an internal or external crisis, we have the resources and experienced professionals to make your business come out alive and ready for the next challenge.

We assist clients with calmness and precision, assessing the situation and formulating a plan of action that will ensure your organisation or project maintains its credibility among stakeholders, the public and the marketplace.

We swiftly react to issues and crisis that affect property developers and their reputations whether the problems are internal or external. Our job is to protect or defend your organisation's reputation in time of need – regardless of time of day.

Our consultants have a wealth of strategic communication and international and national Media management experience to solve issues affecting clients.

Our Experience

Our Managing Director, Bill Pickering orchestrated the crisis and media issues management processes following the 1996 Blackhawk tragedy in Townsville (described by the media to this day as the “worst peacetime military aviation disaster“).

The media crisis management of this tragedy is regarded as one of the best executed in Australia. It was the subject of a Queensland University of Technology Master‘s Thesis program, presentations at the Public Relations Institute of Australia training seminars and nominated for a PRIA national award.

This successful media management of this tragic event more than 20 years ago set a future course for Bill. His expertise led to international assignments heading public affairs for Australia in Rwanda and East Timor and an appointment at the Australian Defence Force’s operational headquarters in Sydney as Commonwealth Co-ordinator (information operations) for special forces support for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. His career then led him to directing the crisis response to a Goulburn Goal riot for the NSW Department of Corrective Services, followed by leading the media campaign years later for the Motor Traders’ Association (smash repairers) against insurance firms.

More recently, he has been engaged providing crisis response management for industrial disputes involving hotels and aged care facilities, and direction on stakeholder and political engagement to deal with crisis’ facing development companies and other business operations.

Guided by Bill’s expertise, our firm specialises in navigating through the clutter surrounding a crisis or issue and executing a strategic management process and communications plan that contains and controls the circumstances that have resulted in the event or claims in question.

We can deploy staff anywhere in Australia and help multinational property developers, to community organisations.

Our consultants will either run the strategic and media management process required to stymie the emerging issues or train executive teams to handle what is required.

At the conclusion of the crisis, we assist property developers to help restore their reputations through positive reinforcement of their brand management.

We rapidly respond to issues and crisis 24/7 with consultants available to work with client management teams until the issues abate.

If you have an emerging crisis that needs our expertise please contact us on (02) 9633 1022 (business hours), or after-hours, please call: 0404 074 299 or 0403 140 649.

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