Media Training

Specialised media training for property developers and those in the property industry, is available as one of our core services.

Our training is delivered by media and public relations veterans who intimately understand the media landscape and how to position your spokespeople confidently in front of journalists.

Unlike other property industry-targeted media trainers, we bring in professional videographers to give you practical experiences on the day. We believe you get the most out of training which puts you in real life industry-related scenarios. It also means you have something to take back to the office and to assess your performance.

Our Media Training for property developers courses will prepare your spokespeople to:

  • Overcome fears about facing the Media
  • Plan for interviews
  • Shape stories
  • Deliver interviews with finesse
  • Handle door-stop interviews
  • Shape and deliver messages
  • Confidently pitch stories to editors and journalists
  • Understand Reporters needs and goal

Our courses are suitable for novices and experienced spokespeople and are 100% tailored around your organisational needs (*excluding the workshop). We use real life examples in our training of situations your organisation is likely to, and can, come across when facing the media.

All attendees are provided with video footage from the day, as well as hard and soft copies of our training materials which cover everything from how to write a media release, to tips on facing cameras effectively.

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$ 600 /pp


Public media training workshops

  • Full day media training workshop
  • Held at our Parramatta office
  • Available pending demand
  • Professional videographer
  • Learn how to face the media
  • Lunch included
  • *Minimum 5 participants
$ POA /mo

Media Simulations

Real-to-life media simulation exercises

We undertake an in-depth analysis of potential crisis situations that may impact on you, then use this analysis put create actual simulations of media activities using experienced media players and cameramen. Staff will be subjected to door-stop interviews, press conferences, telephone interviews and online commentary.