Public Relations

Property industry public relations is an art in itself and one that we have a huge level of experience from which to draw.

Our public relations service for property developers, real estate agents, architects etc. can be utilised to:

  • Position your organisation or project at the innovation forefront
  • Increase your brand visibility and garner brand recognition
  • Get coverage for your event, campaign or project
  • Combat previous media and public negativity through proactive, positive story building

We offer public relations for property industry professionals on both project and retainer basis’, so are flexible around your needs and budget.

PR tools for we can help you create include:

  • Media releases
  • Media kits (including developing usable content for media outlets such as videos, audio and imagery)
  • Media lists
  • Coverage reports
  • Media perception analysis (how your brand is currently viewed by the media)

We have built relationships with journalists across the industry and nation. We can build effective media kits and press releases because we understand how the media works, what they want and how to pitch.

Our Managing Director, Bill Pickering, also specialises in Crisis and Issues Management if you find yourself facing a media crisis, and we offer media training courses to get your spokespeople and/or organisation ready to confidently and strategically face the media.

For one of our recent property developer clients, The Showground, we obtained prime time news coverage for their launch event, as well as in five other known publications.

We work with property developers and other property industry professionals in Sydney and around Australia. Contact us today to discuss your organisation or project PR needs.

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